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58640 Iserlohn, Germany

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ISI Quality

We have DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. certification


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ISI tools are made of chrome vanadium steel and are manufactured using the latest forging technology.
They are noted for their high torque and durability.

Narrow tolerance range.

Precision is ISI's guiding principle. Wrench widths and four square end sockets have narrow tolerance.
Constant quality control guarantees high production standards.

Functional form.

The detail on ISI tools clearly demonstrates their practical design. This enables quicker connection via facing locators and sunken female square socket sets.
The ergonomic form of the lever ratchets enables easy operation even in confined spaces.

Safe grip.

In addition to their practicability ISI-Werkzeuge places great emphasis on safety.
A secure connection between the sockets and accessories is achieved using a ball stop groove (1/4", 3/8” and 1/2”) and a safety pin (3/4” and 1”)

Fine ratchet angles.

The fine ratchet angles (from 6°) of ISI-ratchets allow operation in confined spaces.
High torque is achieved using eleven tooth engagement in even the most fine-teethed ratchets.

Easy interchangeability.

A recessed lever prevents unintentional change of direction of operation of ratchets and a
smooth centre reverse system in the fine-toothed ratchets are integral to the easy use of ISI tools.

Easy change of parts.

ISI service offer includes easy and inexpensive change of pre-assembled ratchet parts.
A secure seal is achieved using one retaining ring.